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Why an MOT Test is Important for Your Car

Car servicing is a critical part of car ownership.An inspection of the components of the car ensures it is road worthy and assist with ongoing preventative maintenance keeping important elements of the vehicle in good condition

Class 4 mot testing centre in Epsom

Mot Testing Centre in Epsom

A MOT test of your vehicle should be by a proficient MOT inspector who check the components for condition and wear as it is necessary that the vehicle is meeting all the safety requirements and the standards so that it is considered worthy and legal for being driven on roads. Generally, a car older than two years must go for a test every year. If the car is new it can be subjected to this test after two years of its purchase date.

Van Servicing Kingston

Van Servicing Kingston

Our class 4 mot testing centre in Epsom always scrutinises the body and the structure of the vehicle and sees whether your car has corroded metal and rust in specific areas of the car body. An old car develops corrosion due to daily wear and tear.Ifthis thing goes undetected, he could be a liability of causing an accident with other road users. The car MOT test in Epsom inspects brakes, tyres, steering, suspension, lighting, signaling, seat belts, exhaust and emissions, the windscreen, wipers, mirrors, other ancillariesand general condition of the car.

The fuel system is also expected in case of any leaks.The pipes and the hoses need to be in an unperished condition and the fuel cap should fasten and seal tightly. Every vehicle will have to be declared it’s in a satisfactory roadworthy condition and only then will it be approved and given a year’s MOT.

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